Hope Books planning with IBD’s

Hello Independent book distributors of Hope Books resources

Your timely feedback with the following questionnaires will help Literature Ministry shape the range of our new Hope Books resources! There are 3 questions below – due 16 and 23 May

Hope Books resources – due 16 May

This survey replaces the message sent on Messenger on Tuesday 11 May. It is seeking your responses regarding a range of resources which are yet to be prepared – you will be included in the final decision process of these resources. However your responses are being sought here for first planning purposes. Please record your answers here and submit by Sunday 16 May.

Resources for new catalogue? – due 16 May

Plans are developing for a new catalogue to be printed for IBD’s to share with contacts. Consideration is being given to the content – what resources should we include? The following survey lists many of our resources and asks you to select your Top 10 titles across a range of themes.

It will help to keep in mind that our 2016 printed and 2020 electronic catalogues were 16 pages. The current consideration is that the new catalogue will most likely be 8 pages.

A possible new benefit currently being explored is to have the catalogues printed with an IBD’s code (therefore, if your customer purchases on the Hope Books website, a commission will be paid to you) and also the IBD’s contact details (if your customer prefers to make purchases directly with you). No promises, but the option is being explored.

The catalogue will have different page themes; in the survey, you may like to help us with your suggestions for these theme titles.

And a final tip – the catalogue is being designed for IBD’s to share with someone we meet and at events rather than for mass distribution. On that premise, how many would you require for 12 months? – due Sunday 16 May

If a second catalogue is produced specifically for use in schools, what resources would you prioritise for that catalogue? Click on the Survey for a schools catalogue to submit your preferences – due Sunday 16 May.

Photos for your new ID badges – due 23 May

Its important that your ID photo is professional and friendly. Would you like to supply a new photo for your Hope Books ID badge?

If so, please SMS your name and a photo to 0402 828 212 or upload your photo here.

Here’s a sample of new Hope Books ID card