Literature Ministry is partnering with Avondale University and Conferences to pilot an official Student Literature Evangelism (LE) scholarship program in the South Pacific Division.  Avondale University is offering this as a ministry externship option. Limited scholarships are available.

The objectives of the Student Literature Evangelism Scholarship program are:  

  • To involve young people in frontline mission
  • To create awareness of the Avondale University Ministry pathway 
  • To build Theology students’ experience and skills in practical ministry
  • To contribute towards student fee help with the potential of achieving a scholarship up to the value of a unit of Theology plus earn commission while they study.

All interested students are invited to attend a free fully catered 2-week Youth Rush outreach program in which they will develop skills for outreach, culture engagement, character development and furthering the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  After a period of comprehensive training, the participants will offer books for a donation door to door, to businesses or at pop-up bookstores on the topics of physical, mental, and spiritual health.  At the end of the program, they pass these contacts on to the local church for follow up.

Theology students who complete a 2-week Youth Rush program or have LE experience can apply for a student LE scholarship.

Why should you apply?  How will you benefit from this experience?

  1. Improved skills and personal confidence to connect comfortably with people in the community.
  2. Development of relational and interpersonal communication skills.
  3. Gain a better understanding of different cultures, world views, ages and personalities.
  4. Identify the needs in the community and connect to relevant church programs.
  5. Learn how to help people make decisions – gaining decisions in selling helps develop skills towards gaining decisions for Bible studies and full commitment to Jesus.
  6. Make spiritual contacts for local churches to further the growth of the gospel.
  7. Learn how to deal with objections.
  8. Be reminded that although the task is important, the “love for the people” is far more important and brings greater outcomes.
  9. Deepen the respect of others for who they are, where they are and where they are going in the life or spiritual journey.
  10. Recognise that significant patience is required as some people may never choose to accept Jesus. For others the journey to full commitment is a long time, but Jesus never gives up on them.
  11. Learn how to move everyday conversations to spiritual conversations.
  12. Experience the joy a visit can bring to people, especially after a prayer or a divine appointment.
  13. Pastors who have experience with LE ministry have a greater appreciation of its importance and will understand how to effectively partner with LEs in their conference or church. They can facilitate more LE outreaches in their areas, will be able to train and/or encourage members to be involved in connecting with people in the community through literature and media.
  14. Grow and develop for active discipleship, ministry and leadership of the body of Christ in the in South Pacific through the experience of frontline evangelism.

How does it work?

1. Commission 

Students work on a self-supporting basis and keep the profit or commission earnt on the donations received for the books.  Normally the commission is based on a 50% of the recommended retail value, less expenses.  At times people in the community may give more than the recommended retail value to help students with their education fees. Other times people give what cash they have at the time.  Donations received for books are usually between $10 and $25 with an average of $16 per Magabook.  The cost price of the books is between $6.60 to $8.80.  This gives a variable commission which averages out to about 50%.

2. Student LE Scholarships  

Adventist Media Literature Ministry is funding an initial limited number of scholarships.  The scholarship is limited to Theology/Ministry Avondale Students on application.  The number is guided by budget and there is allocated funds for 7 scholarships with the potential of up to $2,500 determined by personal effort, skills, time commitment and territory.

Scholarships are calculated at 60% of wholesale stock value of books purchased from Signs Publishing through Hope Shop.   It is calculated on the first $4,167 value of stock purchased.

Scholarships are in addition to commission earned.

3. Leadership Scholarships

Student LEs who have successfully completed their scholarship may have the opportunity to further develop their leadership skills in facilitating, training, and mentoring other student LEs and young people at Conference Youth Rush team events.  3 leadership scholarships will be available of up to $2,500.

All scholarships will be credited towards the following term study fees.

What is involved?

Students attend a 2-week Conference Youth Rush program where they will receive training, experience, and support.  Those who successfully complete the 2-week program or have LE experience can apply for a scholarship. They will then need to apply for an LE Hope Books license and have Public Liability Insurance cover.

The student is to report on a weekly basis both the donations received and mission statistics.  Receipts are to be kept and presented as evidence when requested.  

Students are encouraged to attend Youth Rush events in the summer and/or winter holidays with their scholarship group to receive further support and motivation. If they are self-motivated, they can also work on their own throughout the year. Students can leverage creative LE methods as part of the scholarship. 

Opportunities will be provided to gain a broad experience in outreach activities such as: Door knocking, sharing literature, home visitation, pop-up bookstores at community health expo events and online marketing.

Student Testimonies

“I found literature evangelism helped me during my university breaks to develop skills and character building experiences that strengthened me for future employment upon completion of my ministry. I have seen people I met, baptised as a result of following God’s call in this ministry.”
Harley Southwell, Avondale University Theology Student.

“Thank you for the Literature Evangelism Externship program. It was a great experience and I am excited about the work of literature evangelism and how I can promote it when I am out in a church. I think as the one in the group who started with the most apprehension about it, I have come out as the strongest promoter!” 
Katie Askin, Avondale University Theology Student

“Literature Evangelism ministry has provided me with the confidence and tools to be an effective minister and sharer of the gospel.”
Aguer Dut, Avondale University Theology Student

3 steps to apply

1. Complete application form

2. Complete Pastoral Reference form

3. Submit both forms via email

3 steps to apply

  1. Download Application Form
  2. Download Pastoral Reference Form
  3. Submit both forms via email

Before you can submit this application, you need to include the following:

  1. An ID photo of yourself – a warm smile, head-shoulder, clear-background
  2. A Police clearance certificate (go to Australian Federal Police for info)
  3. A Working With Children clearance (if working with schools or visiting in homes with families)

Clearances can be obtained from government authorities in your state or country, and need to be uploaded along with your photo.

You will also need to provide details of your nominated Pastor and Head Elder as we await receipt of their character references for you. Upon receipt of your application form, we will follow up with your referees to provide their character references. Please also follow up with your Pastor and Head Elder, as applications can’t be processed until references are received. Character references supporting your application are confidential.

Once completed and received, your application will be reviewed for approval. This may take a few weeks. While you are waiting you can also register for a Youth Rush event.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries on (02) 9847 2255. If you are unable to submit your completed application form by scanning it and emailing it to then please post it to Literature Ministry, P.O. Box 1115 Wahroonga 2076.