Frequently asked questions

I would like to commence studies to join the literature ministry team.

I am interested; I’d like to speak to someone about literature ministry.

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Who can become a literature evangelist?

Being a Literature Evangelist (LE) is a spiritual work. A person who has the following characteristics will be most suited to this work:

  • A love for God
  • A love for people and the desire to see them ready for Jesus’ coming
  • A willingness to work – self-motivated

If you possess these qualities, God will bless you abundantly in Literature Ministry and you will bring many people into a saving relationship with Jesus.

How do you earn an income?

Literature Evangelists work in the community as Independent Distributors offering Christian books, media and literature for sale. They purchase their stock at a wholesale price and sell at the recommended retail price. Income is gained from the profit margin on the books sold. The more you sell, the more you earn, the more people come in contact with the Gospel message. It is a self-supporting missionary work. You are a valued partner with the ministry team of your local church and Conference.

Are the hours of work flexible?

Yes, you can work full time or part time. You can choose the hours you want to work. It is like running your own business – you are the manager of your time and sales.

What is the product range?

The product range covers over 200 inspiring books and DVDs on a wide range of topics including relationships, health, spirituality and family.

What responses can I expect?

When visiting homes you meet many interesting people. Most people will treat you with courtesy and kindness. Your attitude and friendliness also plays a part in the response received. Smiling and being friendly always prepares the way for a pleasant visit. If you feel nervous now, do not worry. The free online literature evangelism training course has lessons on how to interact with people in a positive way and to share with them your resources.

Is there a setup cost for becoming a Literature Evangelist?

The online LE Course offers 13 Studies – start with the first 3 lessons of this course to understand what it takes to be an effective Literature Evangelist. There is no obligation for you to go further. If you would like to continue, then Studies 4-13 are available for a single fee of $70. During the course, complete the LE application or contact us and we will discuss setup costs for LE starter kits.

Do Literature Evangelists have regular meetings together?

Literature Evangelists meet on a fortnightly basis to discuss experiences, learn new techniques and encourage one another. There is also an annual Australian and New Zealand Summit which provides further opportunity for training, resourcing and to extend your network.

What type of training will I receive?

The online LE Course provides a series of lessons preparing you for Literature Evangelism. Following this, you will be partnered with an experienced LE as your mentor. Literature Evangelists enjoy the online support of the Resource Hub where self-help training resources and tutorial videos are made available. There will be opportunities for face to face training sessions followed by practical field training with your local Literature Ministry Conference Coordinator or a Senior LE. It is important to be humble and teachable and trust God as the Holy Spirit will also train and teach you.

“But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you.” John 14:26

Health Restrictions

It is the responsibility of church members and Independent Book Distributors (LEs) to monitor and align with any state government health advice relating to their activities. Online and contactless methods have been developed for when health restrictions apply.

Please refer to your local government and conference advice for your community outreach activities. To explore your own personal response please refer to COVID-19 information on the SPD Adventist Health website.