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Literature Evangelism Summit

Tuesday 1 to Sunday 6 October, 2024

Share free literature and media

  • Discover more with these new 10 Ideas to Share Literature
  • Share hope-filled tracts – make it your habit to share tracts wherever you go
  • Share pocket books – keep a supply of Sharing Books to share anytime
  • Share hope online – share hope worldwide through your social media
  • Sharing Month – get involved in sharing the Sharing Book of the Year during the literature impact month of May
  • Be a Literature Ambassador – encourage your local church to develop a plan to share literature, and teach members to share literature and their personal God stories.
  • Total Member Involvement (TMI) – team up for the annual Literature Impact Day with the ‘Sharing Book of the Year’ or distribute literature as a lifestyle with your church family!
  • Sharing book training for your church to explore literature-sharing ideas, how to start, where to get literature and an online training resource for members.

GLOW tracts for online – see above ‘Share Hope online’

Live More Happy booklets – 60 per carton

Group activities with other young people

Join a Youth Rush camp event with like-minded young people and students.  Visit homes and businesses to share at-the-door with an easily learn canvass, earning money from the books sold and change lives for eternity.

Sell literature and media as a self-supporting ministry

Regular LE ministry is a relational approach to sharing books and other media.  Suitable for part-time and career LEs.

Jump Start is a quick way to become an Literature Evangelist (LE), selling inspirational small books for cash at the door.

Book Parties / Workshops – guests will enjoy being involved in a creative hands-on workshop or book party small group facilitated by you using God’s books in all areas of health, which they can later purchase.

Pop Up Bookstores allow you to meet people in a variety of neutral venues including interdenominational churches, shopping centres and local fairs.  Follow up on interests. Build friendships. Grow your circle of influence. A vibrant way to share truth.

Hope Books e-commerce – public facing e-commerce that facilitates non-contact promotion and delivery of books to the community. When the LE’s contact enters their unique discount code or scans the unique QR Code it identifies that the sale came from their activities. (Available to all LEs)

Pacific Islands Literature Ministry supports the vibrant team of LE’s in the Islands.

Make Your Ideas a Reality

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Available in Australia or New Zealand. Innovation applications need to be pre-approved by your Conference.