Share the gift of Sabbath with your community

The Sabbath Gift highlights the advantages of taking a weekly day of rest. Beginning with an exploration of the need for a Sabbath and what a secular Sabbath might look like, author Dr Bruce Manners guides the reader through Jewish and Christian thoughts and experiences of the Sabbath, painting a picture of the delight God offers to all.

Written in Dr Bruce Manners’ friendly and engaging style, and with local offers and links to the Sabbath Gift challenge and website, this book is suitable for sharing with both secular and religious members of the community.

The Sabbath Gift tract is a smaller, condensed version of the Sabbath Gift sharing book, introducing readers to Sabbath and the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of a day of rest. The tract includes an offer to request the sharing book.

Participating Churches

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Ten ways to share


Read a sharing book!


Pray for an opportunity to share.


Preach from the sharing book of the year during the month of May and offer the book to attendees.


Participate in traditional sharing methods such as display racks or door knocking. When sharing a spiritual book, also offer a health or topical book with it.


Invite someone over for dinner and a movie. Give a relevant sharing book as a gift. You might like to watch The Chosen TV series. 


Host a church movie night and give a sharing book as a gift to attendees.


Include in your Welcome Pack at church.


Share your testimony and your favourite quote from the book in person or online.


Include at a Book Sharing Table at church seminars, expos and programs.


Help youth achieve their Pathfinder literature honour by sharing.

Learn how to effectively share literature

Here are four ways to prepare your church for success:

Helpful Resources: 
a) A health book offered with a spiritual book has proven to significantly increase the sharing effectiveness and get more spiritual books into the community.

b) The tract A Guy on A Bike is an inspiring narrative introducing people to The Great Controversy and how it has transformed lives.  This is an important resource to share with the book.

A helpful 12-minute training video resource How to Effectively Share Literature covers diverse sharing methods and helpful training – including safety, respect, how to effectively connect with anyone, and how to effectively share literature.  Your local church can download the video above to watch together before you begin sharing.

Find a participating church:  
Looking for a church to partner with? Visit the map above to find a list of participating churches. If you are unable to find a church nearby, please contact your Conference for a more comprehensive list.

Sharing Month Promotion: 
The Sharing Month provides a focused time to share Jesus through a tangible gift of a book.  Download graphics below for promotion in your church.

Visiting your Community

If meeting a person for the first time, begin by introducing yourself and who you are representing. Consider, is the book a gift from you, your church or Pathfinder group?

Suggested introductions for sharing Sabbath Gift

Hello, how are you today? My name is […] from your local […] Adventist Church / Pathfinder Club and we are offering this special book (hand the book over) on the benefits of taking one day out each week. This book is a gift to you. It will only cost you a smile! (be sure to smile!)

Everyone benefits from a rest, don’t they? Here is a special gift for you. It has insights from doctors, psychologists and others, exploring all the advantages of taking one day a week to rest. You’ll be encouraged to see that there are physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual benefits. Taking one day a week will bring back a rhythm into life that feels good!

A suggested introduction for sharing Step Beyond

“Here is a special gift (hand book over).  It helped me experience happiness and a friendship with Jesus. My favourite chapter is … “

Other suggested intro’s for sharing a double gift-pack of Step Beyond & A Taste of Food As Medicine in your community –

Introduction – Full version

Hello, how are you today? My name is […] from your local […] Adventist church / Pathfinder club. Today we are offering a free cookbook from one of Australia’s leading dietitians helping with lifestyle diseases. This one explores the spiritual journey to lasting happiness. (hand books over with health book on the top.) Have a fantastic day! 

Introduction – Basic version

Hello, how are you today? My name is […] from your local […] Adventist church / Pathfinder club and we are offering this special gift (hand books over) on health and hope. It will just cost you a kind smile! (be sure to smile yourself)

Introduction & prayer requests

Hello, how are you today? My name is […] from your local […] Adventist church and we are offering this special gift (hand books over) on health and happiness. (Pause) We like to keep our community in prayer. Is there anything specific you would like us to add to our prayer list?

A suggested intro to the A Guy on a Bike tract – with your community.

Here is an amazing story of 20,000 lives transformed! The book the guy shared helps me live with confidence in an uncertain world and is available as a free offer in the back.

A suggested short intro for sharing The Great Hope sharing book and a health book – with your community: (short version)

Hello, how are you today? My name is […] from your local […] Adventist church / Pathfinder club and we are offering this special gift (hand books over) on health and hope. It can help us face the future with confidence! It will just cost you a kind smile! (be sure to smile yourself) Have a great day!

A suggested intro for sharing The Great Hope sharing book – with your community. (full version)

Hello, how are you today? My name is […] Have you ever felt like the world is caught in a battle between good and evil? Do you find yourself constantly bombarded by negative news about wars, natural disasters, financial crisis, pollution, and disease? If so, you’re not alone. But if there was a book that reveals not only what is happening, but why it is happening, and what will happen next – would you be interested? (Hand book/s over) This is a free gift with compliments from your local… […] Adventist church / Pathfinder club.

A suggested intro for sharing The Great Controversy and A Guy on a Bike tract – with a friend, neighbour or colleague who is interested in the topic.

Here is a gift that has helped me face the future with confidence. (Hand over book with tract on top). The Great Controversy follows the path of freedom from the dark ages until now, looking at the great movements that have shaped our world. Along the way it tackles hard questions such as – Why do bad things happened to innocent people? What happens when we die? and what will happen in the future? The brochure shares the inspiring story of how the book has transformed 20,000 lives!

Follow up options

If someone you meets wants to talk a little longer, you can also offer a survey, based on your local church’s community services.  Alternatively, you may offer the books as a thank-you gift for completing a short survey. Where appropriate, offer to pray for them or keep them in your prayers. You may also wish to include your card or a personal note.

Don’t forget, some people are just waiting for an invitation to join you for a meal or small group activity. Don’t just be friendly – be a friend!

Help promote sharing at your church

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