The Hopeful

Signs of the Times Commemorative Edition

The Hopeful movie depicts the true story of a community whose lives were transformed as they learned what it truly means to expect Jesus to come back. The story of the early Seventh-day Adventists will invite those who watch it to imagine how hope can change lives and this special edition of Signs of the Times will extend that invitation to its readers. 

Designed so it can be shared before or after someone in your sphere of influence watches the movie, this issue of the magazine will be the perfect conversation starter or follow-up for a contact you’ve invited to watch the movie with you. Movies today are our culture’s fireplace stories. This companion Signs magazine will help take the conversation deeper. Covering doctrinal topics that relate to the movie, such as the hope of the second coming in the face of loss and death, the beauty of the Sabbath and the life changing power of prayer, the magazine will also feature an exclusive interview with the director and other great content that will help invite readers to want to know more. 

With links and invitations to go deeper throughout, this magazine will be a perfect resource for church members to hand out at the movie event, give to friends they are inviting or as a keepsake for those who have already been to see the movie with them.

About THE HOPEFUL movie

How to share The Hopeful Signs magazine:

  1. Churches could provide copies to each person in attendance when promoting The Hopeful movie, and encourage them to use as a resource to invite friends.
  2. Church members can purchase extra copies to share with the group who go to the movie with them.
  3. Ask if people have heard about or seen the movie and their thoughts. Keep copies with you to share with them.
  4. Order copies to share at the cinema. Seek approval from the cinema and align with their policy. Stand behind a book table with a banner of the movie. 

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Help promote this project to your church members. Encourage them to see the movie, invite their friends, and share with them a Signs magazine which explores the messages of the movie.