Truths to Live By

How do we share Jesus with the many Australians who are not willing to hear about Him?

Truths to Live By is a book of 30 short reflections, sharing stories of inspiring individuals from history, as well as contemporary examples of Christians who have lived impactful lives. The ideas, reflection questions and suggested next steps in each chapter are designed to pique curiosity and awaken a hunger for spirituality, inviting readers to seek and discover the power of faith for themselves. 

It is a book that can be shared with anyone, regardless of their background, but it is especially suited to secular young professionals and young families — people who might not be interested in Christianity yet, but who are open to reflecting on their personal growth and development, to sow seeds for further dialogue and discovery about God.

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Jinha Kim is the pastor of Melbourne City Adventist Church, a church company that she and her husband Roy planted in 2014. For the past 10 years, they have been ministering to young professionals in Melbourne, many of whom have secular backgrounds. They started with 8 committed individuals in 2014 and now have 50 members, as well as 20 non-Adventists as part of their church community. 

With degrees from Princeton University and Andrews University, Jinha Kim’s faith is intelligent as well as heart-felt and experiential. In addition to serving her diverse community as a pastor, she is also the mother of two school-aged boys. She has become good friends with members of her local community and understands what inspires and interests secular people. She understands that while they might not be religious, Australians are keen to live meaningful lives that contribute to the world around them. They resonate with many of the Adventist values that we advocate, such as kindness, time in nature, and a work-life balance. What they lack are opportunities to consider how those values might point us towards God, and how and why our lives matter. 

How to use this sharing book

  • Give it to visitors at church events for the community.
  • Organise a special segment at church to introduce the book to church members and encourage them to pray and share it with friends, family, colleagues and neighbours.
  • Highlight stories from the book in sermons to keep the idea of sharing the book in members’ minds.
  • Share it with parents of children at Adventist schools.
  • Have literature evangelists sell or share it door-to-door.
  • Read the book in small-group meetings that community members attend.
  • Offer it to listeners of Adventist radio and other media ministries.
  • Offer it as an incentive for signing up to church or other mailing lists.
  • Promote it on church/ministry/member social media pages.