Sabbath Gift

Share the gift of Sabbath with your community

The Sabbath Gift highlights the advantages of taking a weekly day of rest. Beginning with an exploration of the need for a Sabbath and what a secular Sabbath might look like, author Dr Bruce Manners guides the reader through Jewish and Christian thoughts and experiences of the Sabbath, painting a picture of the delight God offers to all.

Written in Dr Bruce Manners’ friendly and engaging style, and with local offers and links to the Sabbath Gift challenge and website, this book is suitable for sharing with both secular and religious members of the community.

The Sabbath Gift tract is a smaller, condensed version of the Sabbath Gift sharing book, introducing readers to Sabbath and the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of a day of rest. The tract includes an offer to request the sharing book.

Preorders have now closed but the book will be available from Adventist Book Centres in due course.

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Share The Sabbath Gift with your community!

Strong Community Interest

Our research shows that 47% of people in the community are likely or very likely to read a free book about Sabbath.

“How likely would you be to read a FREE booklet on the Sabbath — a day of rest to improve your health and happiness?”

A Multi-Media Opportunity

Church members across the South Pacific have been promoting the benefits of Sabbath through social media, sending people to the website to learn more and take the Sabbath challenge.

In June and July alone, the website received over 40,000 page views and 31,000 users.

Coupled with the sharing book, we have a unique multi-media opportunity to reach people in-person and online. Help share the gift of Sabbath with more people in your community. Order the Sabbath Gift sharing booklet today!

Here is an example social media video from the Sabbath Gift website designed for secular and religious members of the community.

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