A Taste of Food as Medicine

Sharing book for September 2021

Improve the health of your community.

  • A full-colour mini-cookbook for sharing good health.
  • An introduction to the award-winning Food As Medicine cookbook by Dr Sue Radd.
  • 64-page magazine-style booklet with a heavier cover for cost-effective sharing.
  • Introductory nutritional information and guidelines for cooking for best health.
  • 12 simple health-promoting recipes selected from Food As Medicine with full-colour photos of each recipe.
  • Special offer and discount code for purchasing the full Food As Medicine cookbook, which will provide the opportunity to offer additional invitations to those who order.
  • Health course offer.

“Sue Radd is an authority on how to eat to live and this book, beautifully presented with stellar content, will make you hungry for health.”

Dr Darren Morton

Ten ways to share this book in your community:                      

  1. Simply give it to friends, family, neighbours and other community members.
  2. Share copies with health leaders in your community.
  3. Leave copies in community places, particularly health settings, with permission.
  4. Send copies to people who have attended health programs your church has run.
  5. Plan a cooking demonstration or series using the simple recipes in the booklet.
  6. Have copies available for visitors at any church event
  7. Offer of free giveaway on church and local church websites.
  8. Gifts for community members on your contact list.
  9. Give a free copy to all families at your local Adventist school.
  10. Share in usual literature-sharing channels: literature stands, letterboxing and doorknocking.

A Taste of Food As Medicine is planned to be available in September.

Pre-orders for this book have now closed.