Studies 4-13 : Jump Start LE

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Welcome to JUMP START LE studies 

Hello and welcome to your continuing studies focusing on the work of Jump Start Literature Evangelists.  Here’s a map to this training course.

This method, provides opportunity to meet more people each day, presenting books at lower price points, on the doorstep.  Payments are received at the time. The Jump Start concept is typically based on a once-off meeting with prospects, however there are some customers with whom you will feel impressed to continue connections. 

In comparison, Regular LEs share a 15 to 30 minute presentation in a home, and offer larger book bundles (sets) at higher price points.  Payments are often done by periodic payments, with multiple part-delivery dates.  Regular LEs are focused on building and maintaining relationships and seeking repeat business with new bundles.   

(If you prefer the Regular LE approach, exit this Study and select the course called “Regular LE studies”. Your course payment allows you to study any of the specialised Studies 4-13 for Literature Evangelism – for Regular, Jump Start, Workshops or Pop Up Bookstores.) 

You have commenced the course specialising in Jump Start Literature Evangelism.    

Literature Evangelism is a vital ministry – meeting people one-by-one and respectfully opening seeds of truth in discussions that can decide their eternal destiny.  Inspiration saw the continuing effectiveness of this method of evangelism. 

Literature Evangelism is adaptable to the many changing opportunities we find to meet people where they are.  Other new ‘streams’ (methods) such as Workshops/Book Parties and Pop Up Bookstores, have been successfully commenced in the South Pacific Division (SPD), but each method continues to follow the timeless art of creating a need in the mind of your listener, and then showing answers from your books. This approach has been successful for years. Take time to learn from long-term and retired LEs as their thoughts are shared in video clips throughout these Studies. 

To this end, as you commence Study 4, we recommend you assign a workbook to keep your notes and reflections as you progress.  Use it to pause; record your prayers, goals, and action points.  

Throughout the Studies, there are numerous PDFs to download for easy-save/print of key learning points. The total of these are also listed on a final page in Study 13.  

At any time, you can return to Studies – even after you have completed Study 13. 

May God bless you as you plan your time to follow this course.  

The Literature Ministry team of the SPD are praying for you and look forward to supporting you in this journey. 

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Course Content

Study 4 Your Approach & Introduction
Genuinely connecting from the start

  • First things first
  • It’s all about human nature
  • Genuinely connecting from the start
  • The approach
  • The introduction
  • Making friends first
  • Study 4 reflections
  • Study 4 quiz
  • The last word on Study 4

Study 5 Your Demonstration

Study 6 Your voice & The Close

Study 7 Making it easy to buy

Study 8 Setting goals & self-management

Study 9 Territory & customer database

Study 10 Reporting

Study 11 Be an evangelist

Study 12 Finances, Budgeting, Taxation

Study 13 In summary, remember …

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