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Would you like a Book Box at your workplace?

Do you want to help spread the Good News through your business?

Book Boxes are an easy and effective way to share Adventist literature in your community.

  • Short or long term
  • No fuss
  • No risk


Completely FREE for you (literature evangelists provide the book box and display stock)


EASY to display (simply set and forget. Customers purchase online so you don’t take payment and LEs keep it neat & tidy).


WIN SOULS by displaying literature that spreads the Good News

What is a Book Box?

A book box is a portable display unit that can be placed in a business to sell Adventist literature. (They are not for free literature sorry.)

Display books are not taken from the book box; these are for customers to browse before buying.

Choose from a variety of books
Health. Children. Stories.
Faith. Lifestyles. Relationships.

Books are labelled with prices and a QR code that provides a quick link to Hope Books. Purchases are then mailed directly to the customer.

A sample label with a QR code for easy ordering.

To order a book box for your workplace, you have two options:

Partner with an LE

The Book Box is owned and operated by a Literature Evangelist (LE) on behalf of Hope Books.

The LE pays for the cost of, and owns, the display books and earns commission on purchases. LEs are also happy to provide a % of their commission for your fund-raising initiative.

LEs accept liability for display stock and place boxes in trusted locations.

Simply register your interest below and a local LE will take care of everything!

Become an Affiliate

An Affiliate of Hope Books takes greater involvement in the establishment of a Book Box.

Hope Books will supply an Affiliate with a free frame (value $100), and the Affiliate then purchases their preferred range of display books at wholesale prices from an LE.

Hope Books supply the Affiliate with QR labels that identify all subsequent sales to the Affiliate.

All sales commission is later paid to the Affiliate direct from Hope Books (approx. 30-40% of retail prices).

Book Boxes are great because:

  • Select display stock ideal for your workplace from our wide range of titles
  • Hope Books takes care of supplying your customers with their purchases
  • Customers pay Hope Books directly – no need to manage cash
  • Share positivity in your workplace with encouraging titles
  • Colleagues appreciate time to see books before they buy

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