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Assembly Instructions

Here is a diagram on how to assemble your book box.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do people buy a book?
  • After choosing the book the customer wishes to purchase, they scan the QR code which takes them to
  • The customer adds the items they wish to purchase to their cart and completes the check-out process. This includes entering their delivery address and paying for the books by one of the payment options available
  • The customers purchase will be then sent directly to the address they have provided
Where can I place by book box?
  • Think about the type of person who might enjoy the books that will be featured
  • The next question to guide you is then to think about where these people might be reached. This might include waiting rooms for doctors and other medical professional or places such as a reception areas for a small business.
  • Gain approval from the venue you wish to place the book box in. Try approaching people you know who have businesses that have people visiting on a regular basis.

What incentive can I provide to help a business stock my book box?

You may also nominate that 10% of book sales profit from a book box goes to a cause that might help a business adopt a book box. Causes might include the social fund of that business, a local or national charity, or a project whatever business wishes to support. You do not need to offer this incentive, if you do, this amount is deducted from the commission you earn from books sold from that book box. It is important that if you choose to do this, you must register this promotion belowPlease note that these commission payments will be made once a quarter.

How long should I leave a book box in a business for?

As a guide, allow a minimum of a month for the book box placement and then review the effectiveness of that box after that time. Please take into consideration the needs of the business you are locating the box in. They may wish for a shorter trial. 

How do I purchase another book box?

You can purchase book boxes from our online store

How much revenue do I make?

The money you will receive is calculated by the sale price of the books less the 10% donation to the business hosting the book box (if you elected to do this) less a small processing fee for the packing and dispatch of the books. The money will be deposited into the bank account you provided on a quarterly basis.

Donation Registration

Book Box Donation Registration
Your name as the owner of the book box
This is the name of the business where the book box will be placed

Bank account for deposit of 10% of sales as a donation